Mama Bologna

Last year, 24-25 May 2015, I was in Bologna. Quite rarely, I was not traveling solo. I was with a friend called Ridoy, who was actually the mastermind of the whole trip, who was afterwards crowned ‘the Don.’ He wanted to hike the Cinque Terre tracks, he was almost went with a friend, the friend cancelled, he did not want to travel alone, we accidentally met in some kind of sport event, and voila! He managed to wash my brain.


Wait, Cinque Terre, you said? What’s with Bologna?

Well if I was about to go, I needed to make the most of it. As Ridoy informed, the easiest way to reach Cinque Terre was by flying to Pisa, continued by some trains to La Spezia. He also convinced that he had found an AirBnB site in Massa, just east of La Spezia, so I simply follow the lead. But if you take a look at Italy’s map, Pisa is actually quite far from Cinque Terre’s westmost village, Monterosso. So then I thought about it. What would be the best city to end my journey?

Bologna, it is.


My very first motivation to go to this city was, to taste the authentic Spaghetti Bolognese. Yes, I was serious, and I still am. Sadly I did not manage to find any spaghetti within my time frame. It turned out that, Bologna was quite interesting. One day and one night was not enough.

And guess what, Ridoy decided to go to Bologna, as well. What we love most about Bologna was that, we found a new mom!


So we stayed in this super comfy AirBnB lodging. We reached Bologna very late, like, past midnight. The host was really nice that she still waited for us, showed us our bedroom – of which we thought that it was her kids’ room – and told us that we could take anything from the fridge. And from the table. And from the drawer. And, believe me, the room smelled really nice. We felt like a baby. Her baby.

Our bed was a bunk bed, with the most comfortable sheets and blankets I have ever had in my entire life. The room was bright enough during the day so we would not need to turn on any lamp, and the breakfast was awesome. Well, the fact that she prepared yoghurts, biscuits, cereals, and milk for us, was really cool. And do not get me started about the bathroom, it was spotless. Clean as a newborn baby. It was the first time throughout the journey we got stuck – happily and lazily – in a lodging just before lunch.

We had this trouble when we would like to check out. The girl who stayed in the upper floor, whom we needed to hand the key to, did not speak any English. I repeat, she, did not, speak, any, English. The only word we understood from her was “finito,” and yes, we repeat to her “si, finito” with hand gestures, and gave the key.


We took a stroll to the old town, enjoyed the incredibly warm sun, and constantly talked about our new mom. I took a bus to the airport in the afternoon and said bye to Ridoy as he was about to continue his journey to another city which name I forgot. But Mama Bologna? We’ll never forget.


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