Phuket and Passport

Back in 2011, I traveled to Phuket with a friend called Pika. Or some may call her Bojes. It was from 27 February to 3 March. I have just won an essay competition and used the money to travel. To date, it was my (our) first experience travelling abroad without my (our) parents.


Everything was nice from day one. Only for the first night, we stayed in a very nice hotel, sponsored by our parents. Had stupid moments even in that first night, moved out to a more ‘traveler-like’ hotel, went around the city, ate amazingly tasty food, and, so on and so forth. We strolled down to the famous Bangla Road to have a little drink, a little chat, and observe the lady boys. Too bad I was such a nice girl back then. I hardly manage to do anything even nearly crazy or out of mind.


If you asked, of course we went to see the Simon Cabaret Show. It-is-a-must-go in Phuket. Well, not really. We were just curious about the lady boys’ performances and it was not bad. We did not find suitable Thai Boxing schedule to watch, but we found a very cheap package to explore Phi Phi Island, our main destination. But before that, let’s just get back to how amazing the food was.


And the D-Day came. We took a ferry to explore Phi Phi, went snorkeling, ate Wall’s Magnum ice cream for the first time in our lives.. and realized that I lost my passport just before we stepped on the boat which would bring us back to Phuket.


So how did I lose my passport? I put it in a plastic bag, and apparently, I left it. Somewhere. Someone must have thrown that plastic bag away, thinking that it was only some trash left by tourists. With the support of a lot of people that we met along the way, we managed to take a bus to, guess what, Bangkok.


Thank God my mom did gave me a 100 USD bill which can only be used “for emergency.” Well, losing my passport WAS an emergency, so I spent 55 USD to pay the temporary passport, in order to be able to go back home. The moral of the story is, never put your passport in a plastic bag. Ever!


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