Indonesia in Prague

In late December 2013 to early January 2014, I did my first ever Euro Tour! Well, “Euro Tour” as it was actually backpacking around some parts of Europe with my colleagues from undergrad study: Dhira, Ari, and Jandrong. Prague was our second destination after Vienna. It is amazingly beautiful, I’ll share the pictures another time, my eyes and fingers even got tired of taking numerous pictures. What I would like to share in this post, are actually…


I was like, what? Mount Bromo? Indonesia?


Yes! It is Mount Bromo! In a ‘Camel Active’ advertisement!


They even have Labuan Bajo, Flores! And..


Jakarta! Well if those pictures did not impress you much, take a good look at this..


Djarum Super and Djarum Black. Indonesian cigarettes. There. On the stall. OK, they are cigarettes. Some may do not like it, well me myself I do not smoke but come on, how much cooler can that be?! My Christmas holiday, thus, had been made.


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