Intercultural Lunch in Cap de la Chevre

In late June 2014, in which June is one of the best months in Brittany (or as the French call it “Bretagne”), I had a chance to hike around. It is not easy to hike in Brittany, not because of its difficulty, but more because of its inaccessibility. It is kind of hard to match the bus’ schedule to the hiking durations needed, so a car is kind of… obligatory. Lucky enough I found this group called “Brest Walk and Talk” in Facebook when I was randomly browsing about how to hike in Brittany because, I know that this region is incredibly beautiful in summer.

So I joined the group, led by Cathy, who is apparently an English teacher. Turns out, this group was created as a derivation from the “Brest International” group in which international students/expats in Brest meet every Wednesday or so in a bar, where they can talk to each other in English. So in every hike, there will be different participants from different parts of the world.

My first hike with this group was to Cap de la Chevre and Ile Vierge. I will post about Ile Vierge later. There were numerous participants in this hike as it was summer, so we also have summer interns among us. Me I was in a car with Cathy, a French who is the founder of this group, Olia, a Russian who speaks four languages reaally well (Russian, English, French, and Italian), and Vedant, an Ifremer summer intern from India.


Along the way we introduced ourselves to each other, talked about the beginning of this group, about our hobbies, and checking out regularly if the other cars are still nearby. Oh, there were about 16 of us, with, like, 5 cars or something? So we were a big group that day. We were Indonesian, French, Russian, Indian, Algerian, Kyrgyz, Syrian, Tunisian, Lebanese, French-Spanish mix, and I lost count.  We arrived to the parking lot, hiked a bit, and voila !


Mesmerizing, no?


And this is what you get if you turn to the other side. The true colors of Brittany.


We hiked a bit more, we ate our lunch, then some of us who was not yet sastisfied went down near the waters, and found this!


And seriously, how beautiful is this triple layered cake?


After being somehow satisfied, Cathy told us that we needed to move to the next destination. After arriving, with a car, to the next parking lot…. We kinda got lost.


But it did not take long. We survived and we reached our very next destination: Ile Vierge!


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