A Door to Kotor

During my Croatian trip in Summer 2014, I had a chance to visit other countries as well. Initially I wanted to visit Kotor (Montenegro), Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and Ljubljana (Slovenia). Apparently I enjoyed my time in Split too much so I did not make the Croatia-Bosnia crossing, and Ljubljana was raining when I was there. But I thank God over and over again that I still had the will to visit Kotor because so far, it is my favourite, favourite destination.


Kotor is reachable by bus from Dubrovnik. I would say that Dubrovnik is the best door to Kotor as it will only take around 3-4 hours to get there. The seaside view along the way is also absolutely stunning. If you have European Residence Card (temporary ones also work) or a Schengen Visa, there should be no problem in the border.


The old town of Kotor is a citadel. Meaning, the town is fortified. You know, there were times when battles were part of everyday life in Europe, and one of the best way to attack a region is – apparently – through the sea. The city now has a nice laid-back vibe. You can hear traditional music played in some cafes around you and people stroll without any rush. In the middle of the way, I found a hiking track to the top of the fortress.


I simply paid the three euros entrance fee and started hiking. As I walked and walked, the gray sky started to open up. On one side, it is good for my camera and of course, it brought hope for me as in I would not be spending my time in Kotor only sitting somewhere to protect myself from the rain. On the other hand, it made my hike a lot harder. I needed to catch my breath once in a while. But when I reached the view points.. It was worth it.


Kotor is absolutely impressive. The fortified city, the church in the middle of the hike, the harbour, the mountains, the open sea. It is just perfect.


And this is what you get from the other side..


Thanks to this hike, my Dr. Marten’s Boots had their first scar. I guess they are more familiar with soil than with stones.


But overall, I fell in love with Kotor!


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