Changing Season and Fate in Krka

When you hear the word “Croatia” and “National Park,” one other word that you will hear is probably “Plitvice.” Well if you asked, I did go to Plitvice during my Croatian trip, but it was raining. Non stop. It was still beautiful, but I did not capture any good pictures of Plitvice. Yes, I know, too bad.

But! I did visit another National Park called “Krka.” It is not as well-known as Plitvice, but something Krka can offer that Plitvice can’t is, we are allowed to swim near the waterfall! As I have told you in this post, the big theme of my Croatian trip is “swimming.” Of course, Krka was included in my itinerary.


Krka is reachable by bus either from Split or Zadar. Me I went from Split. After arriving to the registration point, we will be taken by a boat to the National Park. Actually, there are two registration points. The one which includes boats and the one which includes a little hike. I decided to take a boat first and take the hiking track to go home. Bad decision, I tell you. Bad decision.

First thing I saw when I get out of the boat: “NO SWIMMING” sign. Sigh. Apparently the swimming season was over. Rainy-fall season was coming so the water level was really high. Swimming was then prohibited. This, is the place, where I should have been swimming..


But on the other side, changing season gave us colors! If I was there during the ‘real’ summer, I would have only seen green, green leafs. That’s it. Thank God I had this..


And this..


Now can we please, talk about the water. Can-we-pleaaase talk about the water. It was as clear as pearl. And best thing was, there were not many tourists!


And of course, along the track, I found picturesque spots. Which is always better without any people in it.


By the end of the track, there were souvenir shops. One thing that attracted me the most were these handmade necklaces. Can you just see how cute they are?


These are Glagolitic Alphabets. The oldest known Slavic Alphabet. You can read all about it here. I wanted to buy them as a souvenir, too bad I did not bring much cash. And thank God that I did save that ‘not much’ cash, because…..

I was, well, lost. Going home through the hiking track was apparently a bad, bad decision, especially it was Saturday when buses are not as often. Shortly I walked, like…….. 15 km or more. Through the highway. To reach Sibenik. A town where I can take a bus back to Split. I even tried to ‘cut’ paths through ‘human tracks’ that I found along the way…….. which led me nowhere but a forests. Away from the sound of any vehicles. As the sun began to set.

If it is not ‘fate’ we are talking about I might not still be here today.

Never again in my entire life will I do that. Never.


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