Singing Sea in Zadar

Still in my Summer 2014 Trip, after Dubrovnik and Split (Croatia), I continued my way to Zadar. I will not dedicate a post for Split because, that city ended up only being a stop-over for me. I had a quiet three days there: I rested and chilled out on the first day, visited Krka on the second day, and went to church on the third day. I canceled my Split-Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) return trip and heck I even did my laundry. So, no post for Split. Sorry.

So Zadar. What was it that I looked for in Zadar? Well you might have heard that Zadar has this great Sea Organ, designed by an architect called Nikola Basic. It is located by the bay and it is normal for people to hang around.


This nature-based instrument consists of a set of 35 organ pipes that makes music as wave lap at the coastline. I took a video of it which you can see here.


Another thing about this organ is, it is built facing to the west, so the tourists are able to witness the sunset while listening to the music, that is played by the nature. It was mystical.


You can find posts about this instrument in lots and lots of sites, including here and here. Overall, I got my best sunset of my Croatian trip there, in Zadar.


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