Reconcile with the Past through Zagreb

I hesitated to go to Zagreb at first, because it was not the cheapest, nor the most convenient way to end my Summer 2014 Trip. What finally brought me to Zagreb was, a small paragraph in the Croatia Lonely Planet Book which stated that a new museum have just “arrived” in Zagreb. And the name of the museum is..


I was intrigued by the name from the very first time. I did not know what I should expect from this museum, but thank God I went there. Oh, by the way, sorry for the foggy pictures. As I have told you in this post, it was raining hard in Plitvice. My camera, then, became a victim.

The museum was initiated as a project where a group of artists sent mails across the globe to collect memorabilia out of broken relationships. You, know, instead of letting them be thrown away for good. The response was amazing. They have received lots and lots of things with their own stories.

It is also very cheap. I only paid like, two euros or something? Once you entered, it started with the very cheesy ones. There was a book about a couple who eventually broke up, there were CDs/memorials that were given from one person to another during their relationships, and there was this jersey..


A ‘player,’ get it?

Then it got a bit more intense. Like this wedding bouquet..


Room by room, it got even more and more intense. Like this postcard from Armenia..


There were also memorabilia about relationships that were torn down by wars, especially in the European region. And sometimes, the memorabilia are not only about themselves. Like this box of memories..


There are also pieces from your loved ones.. in the most unpredictable way possible: a suicide note.


I went out of the museum with a changed mind. A new perspective of how we can always, always reconcile with our past. No matter how hard it is. Writing this made me remember a post from a friend, which you can find here. She created such a sweet way to reconcile with her past. I might not have the competence to write this, but. The past will always be there. It is up to us, then, to choose. Are we going to continue on grieving, or to move on. Whatever it takes.


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