Magical Christmas in Prague: New Town

It’s impossible to write no more than one post only to talk about the magic of Prague in Christmas. I spent my time looking at the pictures I have taken one by one and gave up. Prague at night is just too beautiful.


Prague was one of my Christmas 2013 destination. I spent the end-of-year holiday with three friends who were also carrying out their study in Europe. Why Prague? Well, two things. It’s in my bucket list and.. it’s cheap!


How can I say that it’s cheap? The easiest thing is to compare things with same value and how much it costs in different places. For instance, hot chocolate. In France, a cup of hot chocolate in Christmas Markets costs around 2-4 Euros. In Prague’s Christmas Market, it costs only around 0.50 Euros! Not even one! And oh-my-God, it even tasted better, like super-duper-chocolaty. So in Prague, I broke my rule of ‘not buying any cooked food for the sake of not spending too much’ since even their festive foods are literally affordable!


Wenceslas Square is really big and vibrant. The Christmas Market was pretty busy with lots of stalls and standing tables for us to have a rest and grab something to eat. You will find big branded items along the wide corridor of the square, leading from the gate of the subway to the National Museum and Prague State Opera. We were absolutely stunned by this first impression even though it was crazy cold!


The small stuff they sold in the stalls are also really cute!


We continued our way to explore the city even more..


From New Town.. to Old Town!


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