Magical Christmas in Prague: Old Town

Still in my Christmas 2013 journey, after exploring and spending some time in the New Town, me and my friends headed to the beautiful, beautiful Old Town. I saw the pictures of the square already and just couldn’t wait to witness it myself! We were humbly (and proudly) greeted by the majestic Astronomical Clock attached to the Old Town Hall Tower and the mesmerizing Tyn Church.


It was such a perfect setting. I couldn’t help myself but taking pictures and pictures.. and pictures! I lost count of how many of them I took already, but they look different in every capture. So, bear with me if some of the pictures here looks kind of the same.. because the objects are actually not that variative, lol.

The Old Town Square is a lot less busy than the New Town. There are still people, but the vibe is very different. This is where you will totally fall in love with Prague.


I mean look at this. Look-at-this.


I saw a picture of Old Town Prague with almost the exact same setting as that picture, but I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing it with my own eyes! The horse carriages is key, but I couldn’t take a really good not-blurry picture because they were only there for a moment and gone. Why, God? Why?

The Old Town, well Prague in general, is like a human-sized fairytale. If the Astronomical Clock is not your taste, nor the Tyn Church, nor the horse carriage (like who even are you), how about the Church of St. Nicholas?


Or you know.. grab some eggnog from the stalls! It’s not everyday (nor everywhere) you can easily find this warm creamy beverage!


In term of size, Prague is quite small. You can explore everything in the city center in less than two days, even only by foot. But believe me, you will always be surprised of how this little city would make you fall in love over and over again. Go inside the buildings (the churches are generally free, or you need to pay a small amount of money), stroll around the cobbled street, and prepare your heart along the way..

prague-christmas-market-czech-repblic-10 Prague would never break your heart.


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