Prague: The Pretty Little Things

Exploring Prague is best after sundown. So every time someone told me that they’re going to visit Prague in summer, what a shame! But of course, if they only have limited time to explore Europe,  I will make sure that Prague would still be at the top of their to-do list.


Coming up from the deep-down subway (yes, it is literally deep down to the ground, the elevator would even make you sick if you’re afraid of height), you will never know what would greet you by the end of the street..


Look around and find some amazing street artists!


This musician right here, not only that he was super creative and talented, his performance was also really funny! If you recorded them, or took a picture of them, don’t forget to drop some coins. It’s their job to entertain you. To make you happy : )

Oh, if you stroll around the alleys, feel free to see what’s inside the windows. Like these pretty little miniatures..


Or this whole set of orchestra!


I even found a little something for myself!


I bought it because I thought the writer was Czech, or at least Slovakian (since they were once Czechoslovakia) because.. well, it’s cute to have this kind of souvenir to bring back home. A book from someone born there. But apparently, he was Slovenian. Not far, not quite the same, but whatever – I like this collection of poetry after all!

As Prague is one of the most growing touristy cities in Eastern Europe, be prepared from some surprises of foreign attraction. Like how I found a piece of my country here, and this man in an elephant clown-suit attracting people to have a Thai Massage!


Feeling weird? Well that’s the beauty of Prague. Little surprises everywhere!


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