Why do we love the Eiffel Tower?

We’ve seen it in movies. We’ve seen it in pictures. We’ve been told things by people who’ve been there. Yet still we can’t answer that one question: why do we love the Eiffel Tower?


If you were like me, you might be one of the people who were skeptical about the presence of this tower. It has been utterly overrated as a tourist attraction and visiting this landmark is the last thing that crossed your mind when it comes to “travelling.” I mean, what is it that made it so special? Yet I surrendered. Surrendered to its beauty and the weird feeling I had the first time I saw it through an RER train the first day I moved in to France. The feeling which I thought only a matter of “new life excitement” which turned out to be wrong. Every single time I visit this landmark, on purpose or not, the feeling lingers still. Especially at night time.


What is it? What made this landmark a symbol of love? What made it so peculiarly intimate? Is it the curves? The way it plays with lights? Or the way it blends to the open sky?


Walking through the tower, admiring every single detail not many people really notice, while keeping myself from buying the overpriced ticket to the top. The beauty is seen almost in every direction possible. It is very unlikely to find an ‘ugly spot’ from this tower. Well, as long as you hold your breath still while your lens is trying its best to capture any trace of light coming through the aperture.


And every single hour in the darkness, it reveals its utmost magic. The sparkling light which make the people gasps, both who are intentionally there to witness it, and those who are just happened to be there. The first time I saw the lights, I was the second type of person. Maybe that was why I kept falling and falling.


I am no longer a person who can easily take a 6-hour train ride or carpooling to see this beauty. No longer a person who is contacted if anyone I know happened to be visiting Paris and wanted to see the tower. But the memory of Eiffel in nighttime would always be in my heart.


Or maybe it’s just the matter of people whom you shared it with!


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