Hi, welcome to my blog! I’m Gaby, a full-time traveler by heart but a PhD Student in real life.  As Indonesian, it’s not that easy for me to travel. I’m not a part of the people who are privileged to be able to take a year long, or even a short ninety days to explore the world. Most countries do not have enough trust for a person of my nationality to set foot on their soil without any strong proof of intention that symbolically presented in form of a visa stamp. It’s funny how people have more trust in me after seeing a power card so-called a Residence Permit. So in the spirit of celebrating my temporary residence in another man’s country, I am determined to visit as many countries as I can manage.

But as a student, I don’t have that much time to travel either! Not to mention the limited time I have to document my journeys. So these pages are like a memoir to me. Most of them are written way later than the moment itself. So basically, you’re entering my time capsule – yes, welcome!


That, guys, was my first experience traveling with my own money! Look how happy I was! It was not until…


I lost my passport :’) You can read the full experience here, lol. Despite the incidences I experienced along the way I still love traveling. For me it is more than saving and spending money. It’s a lot more than just a hobby. I interacted with people who I knew nothing of, I got lost, I got scared, I witnessed scams everywhere, and most importantly, I learned how to manage my time and resource. It’s like a whole life squeezed into a short month, a tight week, or even a tiny weekend away, and I always come back home with a different perspective.

I am contactable by mail: gabriella.alodia@gmail.com or drop a comment in any of my posts if there’s anything you’d like to know about some specific destination.


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