This is where I have been, so far! Dated 27 June 2016.

This page will help you navigate better through this site. The map does not represent (yet) the posts I have written in this blog – I still have a lot of memories to share. But for now, choose a random country from the links below.

Croatia / Czech Republic / France / Indonesia / Italy / Montenegro / PolandThailand / The Netherlands

For fellow Indonesians, I found a website called Project Visa and it is pretty useful. You can see if your citizenship and/or residence would allow you to visit a country without additional visa. Confused? Here are some examples.

Montenegro, Romania, and Bulgaria: you can enter with a Schengen Visa, both short and long term. ID card from EU/UK will also valid.

Armenia: you can buy visa on-arrival anywhere in the border (even in an intercity train!) or you can buy an e-visa. I’ll prove it this summer.

Georgia: Schengen Visa and/or EU/UK ID cards are also accepted here! Again, I’ll prove it this summer.


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